5 Ways to Nail a Camo Shorts Outfit



For quite a long time I was so reluctant to dress my little man with a camo shorts because it was a little bit daunting to pair it with anything. Recently, I convinced myself to play with colours and see if I can nail a camo shorts outfit for my little one.

There are several ways to nail a camo shorts outfit and it’s not as tricky as you think it is. I know the photos showed here are from my son but men too can rock the same style. And to those who want to look cool and sophisticated can easily pull off an excellent camo shorts outfit in the warmer weather or even when it gets a little bit cold. Unleash the warrior within and rock your camouflage shorts in style!

So here’s how to Nail a Camo Shorts Outfit:


1. Wear it with Denim Shirt

with denim

You can’t go wrong with a denim shirt with camo shorts,  it’s so perfect with a loafer or boat shoes. It gives you  an off duty look and a more casual look. Shop this look here.

2. Wear it with White Shirt



White and camo looks so neat in my books. In wearing a shirt with camo shorts don’t tuck it in, it looks nicer if you don’t. Shop this look here.

3. Camo shorts with Green Tee



Earth tones are also perfect with camo shorts. You can play with brown, green, black or any sand colours.  Wearing a  flip flops in summertime with camo  is  also nice to look [just make sure you have a clean toenails :-)….]. Shop this look here.

4. Go sporty with camo

In this photo, Lewis is wearing his camo shorts with a Gap Fit top which is designed for sports. Perfect if you have activities outdoors! White trainers did justice to this outfit.  Shop it here.

5. Wear it with boots

In the colder weather it’s cool to wear it with a Timberland Icon Premium Boots.

The easy way to wear camo shorts is to choose colours that are less powerful than the camo itself.  Don’t overdo it by wearing a camo top too! Don’t wear one that’s way below the knee or it sags and shows your underwear (no one wants to see your underwear mate).

So, are you ready to take the plunge into the camouflage world? Take it easy with what you pair it with because no matter how versatile a camouflage shorts is, it  doesn’t match with everything. I hope my guide to nail a camo shorts outfit helps you and give you more confidence in rocking your outfit.


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