Lewis’s flight to KIDZANIA

Lewis Aviation

This is Captain Lewis, in behalf of the flight crew let me welcome you aboard British Airways flight 01 to Kidzania!

It’s the second week of Spring half term and I have a week off from work so I can be with Lewis. Arranging things to do can be tricky with kids as they are sometimes picky with activities. Luckily someone sponsored us to go and visit Kidzania London. I had booked activities for him but his visit to Kidzania was a blast!

We arrived a little late so he didn’t have a chance to experience everything he wants because every activity takes at least 15-30 minutes excluding queue time. You need at least 4 hours to do most of the activities.  Kidzania is an Educational Play Company. It’s like an amusement park but in a different dimension, it’s a mini city inside Westfield.


So, as we arrived we were greeted at the entrance by a British Airways airplane sticking out of the wall. Then the first we saw was a sign that says Departure Lounge and Airline Lounge. Lewis was so excited upon seeing that. Then as we arrived upstairs, there’s a sign that says Kidzania International Airport – British Airways, and we have to hand in our tickets that looks like a proper plane tickets and he was given an electronic tag. I liked the idea of that security tag because you know that your child is safe there and it records there as well if your child has food allergy.


Lewis Checking In


As you go in, everything looks so interesting. Lewis was so excited and overwhelmed  that he didn’t know where to start. He decided to start with the Renault Engineering Centre. I wasn’t surprised that it was his first choice because he loves racing cars. It was a good experience for him, he was so enthusiastic telling me about how they have to do the Pit Lane Challenge. They have to change a tyre of a Formula E race car as fast as they can.

Waiting to be a Pit Lane Crew

Waiting to be a Pit Lane Crew

After the Renault experience he decided to go to the British Airways Aviation Academy. He loved it so much that he wants to go again but unfortunately we didn’t have much time. He also tried being a firefighter and climbed a hotel wall. He can’t stop talking about it and also so proud that he was a pilot. I love the idea that they can also apply for a Kidzania passport and have it stamped for every activity. So he is now an official CiteZen of Kidzania!

Can't wait to be trained as a Pilot

Can’t wait to be trained as a Pilot

As a Pilot for British Airways

There’s a lot to explore, from being a paramedic, a nurse, a store keeper, a banker or a police they have it all. Role play is vital to every child’s development. It stimulates their imagination and enhances their social development.  It’s very educational and it’s definitely worth every penny.

Ready to be a Fire Fighter

Wall Climbing

Paramedic at A&E

I also noticed that they cater for kids with special requirements which is a plus. We would definitely go back there and explore more as Lewis wants to experience the others that he missed. Lastly, the exit is cool too! You have to go through the Immigration of Kidzania.


at Kidzania Immigration Office

So How to Get There? Just click on this  link and it tells you the address and ways of transportation  to get there. Click here for their prices too! Thank you Kidzania for the wonderful experience! See you again.



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