Sure Maximum Protection – BzzAgent

A few weeks ago I got a parcel in the post and it contains a Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control Deodorant which I gratefully received from being a BzzAgent. It was my first time to use it and I must say that it’s the best so far. For years I had been changing from one deodorant to another because (as embarrassing as it sound) my armpit sweat a lot when I’m stress. I can’t count the number of white tops I binned because of the yellowish color in the armpit area.  Sure Maximum Protection

Since using this product I no longer sweat in the armpit and I’m very grateful for that! To use this product (it’s is a little different from all other roll on deodorants) there is a wheel at the bottom of the product and you have to twist it for at least twice for the creamy stuff to come our from the tiny holes. This way you can control the amount you need to put in your armpit. I love the scent as it is not so strong yet it’s so subtle.

Sure Maximum Protection

Would I purchase one if this one I received is finished? Definitely yes! I would highly recommend this to all women who has the same problem as me. You can now step out of your comfort zone with confidence.


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