The Magic


    How to bring Magic into your Life and Be Grateful All The Time…

“Those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it.” ~Roald Dahl~

:::I don’t know where this journey leads me to but one thing for sure,  I’m not going back to where I was!:::

Few years ago, my wonderful friend Cindy introduced me to the Law of Attraction. Back then I only knew about the quote “what you think is what you attract” but never really went deeper into it.  I got hooked and I kept watching clips on YouTube and I read books about it. I watched the movie about it and it was mind blowing.  Since then I’m officially an LOA fan.

I watched clips/videos online about LOA all the time. I do believe in LOA because looking back when I had my turmoil in my life almost two years ago, I had it in my mind that it will happen down the road and it did! Watching The Secret over and over again was life changing.  Even when my life was in chaos, I didn’t stopped being positive and being grateful. One day I went to the bookshop to look for a self help book that will help me motivate and mold me into a better person and expand my horizon about spirituality. I saw Rhonda Byrne’s book called The Magic. It was then that my world has drastically changed from struggling to thriving.



I religiously followed the content of that book for 28 days and it was those times when I really need something so important to change my life.  Few weeks later after I finished the book,  I received the most wonderful Christmas present I had in my life which is what I asked for and it was then that I really cried so hard in happiness that my heart was overflowing with gratitude.  This book is not a quick read because you have to do a gratitude journal  and read each day for 28 days, which as I said I did religiously. It also put me to a state of mind of being grateful all the time to a deeper level, to everything around me and everything that I have. Gratitude is indeed a great multiplier, whatever you are grateful for…it multiplies.

So here’s what I did every day even after I read the whole book, I wrote at least 5 things that I’m thankful for during the day and every time I woke up in the morning,  I always say thank you for the gift of life and for the brand new day. We all have powers to manifest anything into our lives. It’s just a matter of how much you believe in it and how grateful you are all the time. Upon writing this, I was looking at my Gratitude Journal and it made me smile thinking that 28 day Magical Practice I did drastically changed my life and I’m so grateful for that.

Why is it called The Magic? For me it is a magic because I believe in it. For some it isn’t because the lack of belief that being grateful can give you more reasons to be grateful for. Remember we always teach our kids to say the magic words, please and “thank you”! It’s funny that I teach my son to say “Thank you Universe” every time he find a penny on the street or anywhere. Now it becomes a habit!

The Magic teaches me to be more grateful in life and not to react to other people’s negativity. That journey had many bumps especially from people who tried to bring me down but it made me even grateful that although they have mocked me, it didn’t bother me anymore because if I react to what they said towards me it will only multiply and it won’t do any good in my life.  Thanks to Rhonda Byrne for this wonderful experience. I am now on her other book called The Power and so far I am loving it!


“When Gratitude becomes your habit, Miracle becomes your lifestyle”.



4 thoughts on “The Magic

  1. Jon says:

    I am familiar with the law of attraction but not really with how Rhonda Byrne teaches it. I know that like-attracts-like and our consciousness is the seed we plant that manifests the fruit in our lives. I know a lot of skeptical people rip on the LoA because they are too “intelligent” to try it but really its just false pride and ignorance of the metaphysical world around us that dictates the physical world we live in. Thanks for sharing these books with me and I’ll look into them further!


    • Glenda says:

      Hi Jon, Thank you. You are exactly right about some who are too “intelligent to try it. I’ve met some of them as well but we don’t have to let ourselves drag into their different world. I have tried helping others when they’re so negative in life but when they start to “know it all”, I just stop and smile.


  2. Dan says:

    Enjoyed your article on The Magic. I am familiar with The Secret but was unaware of The Magic.I loved how you implemented the lessons every day for 28 days, that’s what a lot of people lack including me, is discipline to follow through. You give me strength from your story, thank you. I wish my Mom taught me to thank the universe as earlier as you are with your kids. It’s Great!


    • Glenda says:

      Hi Dan, thank you. I’m glad that I inspired you to be grateful, it’s not too late to thank the Universe everyday. I give thanks to everything around me and I’m sure you can do that too! Giving thanks does not come naturally but it can be learned. At first it was quite a task to make a gratitude journal but now it becomes a habit. The magic teaches me to forgive and move forward. Whatever our circumstances right now, when we give thanks to everything that’s around us we appreciate life even more. I know it’s easier said than done for others but when you try it feels good!


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